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    Settemari Yacht is one of the most recognized companies in the Italian nautical world, due to its multiannual commitment in the sale and
    purchase of boats. Its activity covers also nautical gear and the services related to the field.

    Settemari Yacht’s staff deals with technical, organizational and commercial matters. Particularly the team takes care of the Clients, both “racers” and “cruising sailors”, within the framework of sailing events, with the preparation and fine tuning of the boats, special fittings and supply of onboard equipment.

    About Settemari Yacht

    Settemari Yacht was founded in 1984 upon the great passion for the sea of Silvano Botti, general manager of the company. His valuable experience in the nautical world, in pleasure and racing sailing boats constituted the lifeblood to create, to develop and to make this good business venture grow. Today Silvano Botti runs the company which is one of reference points in the Italian market, for brands such as: Dufour Yachts, Saffier Yachts, Ice Yachts and of a leading brand of nautical accessories, Facnor.

    At present the offices are grouped in La Spezia Gulf, at Mirabello and Lotti marinas. The choice of the location is due to the especially favorable logistical conditions and to the orographic connotations of the Gulf which allows to sail all year long, to try, test and tune the boats of the clients. It is not by chance that Dufour chose to entrust Settemari for the supervision of the preview presentation, afloat, of two of its models, 310 Grand Large and 350 Grand Large.