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    Dufour Yachts


    Dufour factory, among the biggest pleasure sailing boat manufacturers in Europe, was established in La Rochelle, in 1964, by the architect Michel Dufour, a real sailing enthusiast.

    His success is due to the double intuition in using new technologies, as well as new materials, preserving an unchanged pioneering and adventurous spirit which urged sailing pleasure to the extreme.

    Even today it is just this double inheritance to liven Dufour Yachts. Its range innovates and disrupts sail conventions in order to offer, on the water, an unequalled pleasure.

    Dufour Yacht is one of the few shipyards exclusively dedicated to building sailing yachts and it is one of the flagships of the nautical industry worldwide.

    First class professionalism and passion inside the factory and worldwide, thanks to its dealers, are guarantee of quality, reliability and assistance for the Owner who wishes to be a member of Dufour’s Owner Club.